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About and Certification

About and Certification About and Certification About and Certification
We have a great passion it training with excellence and training the future of beauty. Tasiana Beauty with IECAB accreditation board has the passion of building the people with skills that they love and enjoy. Our vision is to equip people with life skills that they will always have a income. We have the passion for beauty and making people feel great about themselves.

Accreditation is as follows.

International certificate
• maximum of 100 hours reception
• 300 hours of beauty therapies
• 200 hours of body therapies


National certificate
• maximum of 50 hours reception
• 150 hours of beauty therapie
• 100 hours of body therapies

Each has its hours that needs to be done and followed by a Exams.
Pass Marks
Theory 85%
Practical 80%
Passing it you will obtain your certificate and there you go to your future job.

The courses we have is

Acrylic with silk nail
Gell with silk nail
Nail technology (Acrylic and Gell with silk)
Massage therapy
Facial and skincare
Eye enhancement
Hair removal
Make up 

Lash enhancement 



  • Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Stanger avenue , Eldoraigne x18